Sunday, November 10, 2013

Note to those trying to sneak advertising into this Blog

The number of occurrences of stealth advertising to this blog has markedly increased in the last few months, reaching an annoying level. The individuals creating this traffic attempt to gain visibility by creating pseudo-comments and then adding an advertising pitch at the end.

I get approached all the time about advertising, because everyone with something to sell is looking for a way to leverage eyeballs, but I reject all of these inquires because I want this blog to be a place where my readers can enjoy ad-free content. There is nothing influencing what I write except the discovery of new information about the ancient world.

This stealth advertising serves no purpose and accomplishes nothing because 100% of these comments are flagged as spam and never make it to the posts they are attached to. I'm happy Google built such an intuitive spam filter capable of blocking these spurious comments.

The comments section of this blog should have two purposes: allow readers to offer their opinions on content and create a forum where they can ask questions. I receive many good questions and have responded to almost 100% of them over the past five years. Please keep the good comments coming.

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