Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Format Change

This weekend I made structural changes to the Blog to divide its content by sub-discipline where appropriate.

It is my firm belief that studying history takes a multidisciplinary approach encompassing Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and possibly other subjects as well. Without these companion disciplines history is just data about what happened a long time ago. With them, it gains depth and a reality reflecting the totality of knowledge related to it.

There is now a box under the “about me” section called Related Mike Anderson Blogs. This section will grow and eventually contain content from the various disciplines listed above.

Content that is mainly about the history will remain on the main blog. Content that is developed out of one of the disciplines will go into that “sub-blog”. I am in the process of taking previously written content relating to the disciplines and copying it into the appropriate sub-blog. An original copy will also remain on the main blog. Going forward, articles will appear either in one place or the other.

I hope that my readers will find value in having the content organized in this new way. Anyone who chooses to look at antiquity from the point of view of one of the disciplines can just go there, review the content, and think about history through the lens of that discipline. Everyone who wants to examine the history by itself can see it all on the main blog.

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Scott Manning said...

Mike, I appreciate your approach to history. I am currently working on a bachelor’s in military history and I recently took some anthropology courses, believing they would help me better understand cultures. The courses were very revealing and I have learned a lot about the concepts of culture, learned behavior, archaeology, etc. Next, I want to take some philosophy courses as well. I believe all of these are very applicable to history and I highly recommend that anyone pursuing history should dabble in various fields like those that you listed.

As for your new blog structure, I think it is appropriate. I mainly catch your latest posts through your RSS feed though. Will I still see everything through that feed?