Sunday, March 6, 2011

Take a Look at the Voices of the Past Website

I want to present the Voices of the Past website which offers an interesting forum for sharing information about history.

The site has the following as a purpose document:

The purpose of the Voices of the Past netcast, podcast and accompanying website is to help people use the social web to effectively advocate for heritage resources. We produce a video netcast and audio podcast called “Voices of the Past.” These shows feature the folks who are actively using social media to talk about heritage. You are currently on our “shownotes” website and blog that incorporates news from online sources along with our multimedia content.

Social media at its most effective is rooted in bringing together people of like interests and values to better one another and the societies in which they live, regardless of their location in the world. Instant, unfiltered access to information is its hallmark as is interactivity and freedom of expression. This effort is independently run by you, the heritage community. There are no political agendas and nobody gets paid for this endeavor. Our only agenda is to inspire connections to heritage values (worldwide!) through new media.

The site covers all human heritage including ancient and there are quite a few articles on archaeology.

I was featured on their “Meet the Blogger” section for February.


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You're right, Mike. With social media, you can easily connect with other people with the same interest like yours. It promotes online communities of activities that promote connections between members.

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Allie said...

We must all look back to our past, and this site makes it so much easier. I see it as the equivalent of white label SEO efforts.

Brad G said...
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