Sunday, August 11, 2013

Interested in Archaeology? Go on a Dig!

I found an interesting website which is produced by Archaeology Magazine.

The URL is, a website which describes the dig at Zominthos, Crete, a Minoan city.
The website gives a chronology of the dig, starting in 2005 and continuing through this year. In addition, the dig team is introduced and the dig site described. Take a look.

Zominthos is interesting as a Minoan settlement for several reasons. It is on the path between Knossos and Idaion Andron, the great sanctuary cave on the peak of Mount Ida and there is evidence of a permanent settlement there dating from 1800 B.C. The current excavation involves a building at 1200 meters elevation, which is higher than any other Minoan or Cretan structure. Was it a stopover for those pilgrims heading for the sanctuary? Unlikely, because the structure has certain palatial elements implying its use by the wealthy.

The building contains at least forty rooms and covers some 1350 square meters on the main floor. Adjacent, is a pottery workshop unique in Minoan Crete.

The building was abandoned around 1600 B.C. after the volcanic eruption at the Greek island of Santorini. For more details on the latter, see my post from May 13th, 2011.

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