Thursday, April 21, 2011

Association of Ancient Historians

I recently joined the Association of Ancient Historians, an academic organization founded in 1969 for discussion of important topics in Ancient History. The original founders were academic types from the universities in southern Ontario and The State University of New York, but now the organization has expanded to include leading ancient historians in North America and overseas.

The featured activity of AAH is the annual meeting held at a different university each year. I will be attending year's event, at Mercyhurst College in Erie Pennsylvania May 5-7th. When I get back, I'll write a post describing the highlights of the event.

I encourage all of my readers to consider joining. Dues are only $ 12.50 per year and if you agree to receive the newsletter via e-mail, the dues are only $ 7.50. What a bargain!

Benefits include the annual meeting and the ability to purchase books on ancient history at a deep discount -- typically $ 10 ea.

The association's website can be found at:


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amanda kay said...

i am unable to attend the conference so i am looking forward to reading your highlight post following the conference. i joined the association myself last fall. great blog!