Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great New Ways to View My Blog

Blogger has just introduced some great new ways to view blogs, for those of you that would like a little variety.

All you have to do is append the following at the end of the URL /view/displaytype#!/

The displaytypes are flipcard, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot, and timeslide.

Try these:!/!/!/!/!/


seo reseller said...

I love the interface of those links. They look very compelling. I would love to have that new features too. Would you please make a tutorial on this? Your effort will surely be much appreciated.

Mike Anderson said...

SEO reseller,

No tutorial required. It's quite simple. In blogger you need to set up dynamic templates. Once that's going, the user can just specific their preferred format when they go to the site.

seo perth said...

I'm amazed with the great looking user interface. It's good to see this kind of refreshing ways to view a blog. Anyway, I think I should do this to my blog too.