Thursday, January 13, 2011

Antiquity on Broadway?

Yep, it finally happened and we lovers of the ancients have lived to see it!

The play is Colin Quinn – Long Story Short, a 75 minute journey through the history of the world, courtesy of one of the best known alumni of Saturday Night Live.

The show opened October 22nd at the Helen Hayes theater in New York and has been extended twice already, but you’ve got to get there by March 5th to experience the action.

See ancient Greece and ancient Rome as you never could have imagined. Their rise, their fall, compressed in time to make your head spin.

Mr. Quinn’s take on the Greeks and the Romans essentially boils down to a duality he sees running through history: “Tough guys versus smart guys.” (I don’t need to tell you who’s who in that pairing, do I?) At several points in the show he compares world conflicts to brawls of various levels of intensity and complexity, a point of view that epitomizes his blue-collar appeal and knack for reducing the world’s intractable macro problems to matters of micro-egoism and macho one-upmanship. -- New York Times

I have two ways to help those who may want to attend: A free ticket opportunity via a drawing or a discounted ticket.

To enter the drawing, e-mail to: The drawing is on 1/17.

For discounts:

1. Click Here or Visit and use code CQHHC74
2. CALL 212.947.8844 and mention code CQHHC74
3. VISIT the Helen Hayes Theatre Box Office at 240 West 44th Street with a printout of this offer.

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