Sunday, August 1, 2010

Information about Sparta

Information about Sparta

Click on the link above to see a slide show about Sparta.

This is an experiment. I am looking for a way to display images in a post that are full size. Using Picasa albums looks like a good solution.


Geoff Carter said...

That's a great set of slides; I particularly like the Google Earth pictures of Thermopylae, they really give a good impression of situation.

Mike Anderson said...

Hey Jeff,

I still want to do our joint post. Something about ancient huts, their design and construction.

Scott Manning said...

Mike, very nice set indeed. Are these your own creations? If so, great work! If not, it is still a good collection.

Mike Anderson said...


This is actually an experiment with images -- some mine, some in the public domain. I am going to Rome and Athens in September and want to be able to post photos from the trip on the blog. Posts severely limit the size of images that can be displayed in them, so I am looking to Picasa albums as a way to overcome this limitation.

Aansy said...

wow, thanks for such an interesting info but i'm really surprised bout the banner of the blog.